On target every time

AT&T AdWorks provides an intelligent feedback loop helping you quickly recognize, measure, and evaluate a customer’s needs as they journey from prospect to buyer down the sales funnel.

From top-level activities such as driving brand awareness and measuring brand health, to mid-funnel activities like serving ads to viewers on multiple forms of media, AT&T AdWorks can help you engage and interact with your customers at each stage – transitioning them closer to purchase.

Case Studies

Whether you are looking to drive sales lift or ROI, grow brand awareness or measure the effectiveness of a campaign our solutions can help with more accountability across all categories.

*Case study result may vary and are based on individual campaign factors. AT&T AdWorks makes no performance warranties.

Client Testimonials

  • "You might pay a higher cost per 1,000 but a lower out of pocket. Therefore, you reach the audience that you want for less money, and at the end of the day, any smart marketer will look at the bottom line."

    Michael Bologna – President, Modi Media, GroupM
  • "With addressable, we’re far more precise on who we want to target, and what behaviors we expect on our website. It has been revolutionary."

    Vic Walia – Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Expedia
  • "Addressable TV can be a very efficient buy when you evaluate the eCPM. You can’t judge success by media cost alone, but rather does it impact your target, does it drive sales."

    Amanda Richman – President, Starcom USA
  • "Addressable brings in a lot of new advertisers that historically really wouldn’t be appropriate for television because of the large degree of waste."

    Russell Zingale – President, US International Media

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